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  • Date: September 9, 2018
  • Time: 11:20am – 11:55am
  • Location: 910 R Street, Newman, CA 95360









We NEED all our members of voting age to be present...

Project 9-9-18                                                                                                      

9 + 9 = 18 (working together)                                                                       

9/9/18 is the date

Love is the greatest command.

Working together in love for the Glory of God!

The Elders have called for a special meeting on September 9, 2018 right after the morning worship service.

If we can get 60 or more of the members of this congregation to come together and work hard for about 15 minutes we can agree to sell the house! We believe God wants us to sell the house. Why?

  1. If we sell the house we can bring our budget requirements down by $2,200 per month. This would make meeting our budget every month an achievable goal!
  2. If we can sell the house for more than what we bought it for we would have the means to do some much needed repairs around our current worship facilities.

Selling the house can be a beginning step for our growing congregation to learn how to “work together in love for the glory of God.” How can you help?

  1. Each one of us will be given a membership list.
  2. Please share this information with every member you know.
  3. Let’s agree together to all show up for this meeting.
  • We have 76 active members in our Church (as of 8/18)
  • We have 3 homebound members.
  • We need an attendance of 60+ members at this meeting.

This is going to take a big effort by all of us to show up. We believe we can do it! Let’s start…

           “Working together in love for the Glory of God.”