Daily Devotion for July 31, 2017

Colossians 1:6-7 NLT

This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.
You learned about the Good News from Epaphras, our beloved co-worker. He is Christ’s faithful servant...
I began reading Colossians this morning. I didn't get far before I had to pause and consider...
This same Good News that came to you...
The Good News “came to” me...by God's will and His design! Praise the Lord! Moreover, the “same Good News that came to” me came to you as well (if You have trusted Jesus as your Savior!)!
going out all over the world...bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives...”
Moreover, the Good News is still “going out”...and it must CONTINUE to go out! It must continue to go out because many, many people are waiting to hear and receive God's Good News, and they desperately need their lives changed by the Son!
“You learned about the Good News from Epaphras...”
Brother and sisters: we Believers “learned about the Good News from” one or more of God's “faithful” servants. That is, other Believers purposely chose to share God's Good News with us! Who are the people who chose to share the Good News with you?
“our beloved co-worker...
We Believers are to be “co-workers,” like Epaphras! Sharing the Good news with others—that's what we Believers are called to do. We should consider ourselves the “beloved co-workers” of those who share the Gospel...which means WE are to share in the work of spreading the Gospel...
He is Christ’s faithful servant...”
Brothers and sisters in Christ: are you Christ's “faithful servant?” That is, are you striving to live for Him...and are you daily seeking ways to share God's Good News about His Son—as You are called to do?
This week is “Feeding Those Who Feed Us” Vacation Bible School week in Patterson. It's our church body's opportunity to spread the Good News so seeds are planted and lives are changed for Christ. Tonight, from 6-8pm (and every evening this week), FBC Newman will be sharing Christ's message with the children (and adults) of the migrant farm workers in the area. You may be asking yourself: Will it be hot there? Yes. Will it take a sacrifice of time? Yes. Will it stretch me beyond my comfort zone? Yes. But! Is it an opportunity our Lord has provided so we can be “fellow-coworkers” and share the Gospel? YES! Are we willing (if we are able) to be “faithful servants” and help share His Good News with these people? I PRAY SO!
Beloved: don't miss out on this opportunity to join God in His work this week! You won't be disappointed! Hope to see you there, “fellow-coworker!

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