Daily Devotion for June 9, 2017

'Thankful List'

Psalm 9:1a NLT

I will thank You, Lord, with all my heart...

Psalm 100:4

Enter His gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and bless His name.

Psalm 50:23a

But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors Me.

Confession: I want to“thank” the “Lord with all my heart”...but sometimes I just don't feel thankful (when I step in dog poop, I don't feel thankful! When I consider my never-ending household chores, I don't feel thankful! When life gets really scary and messy, I don't feel thankful! When I realize how corrupt and sinful I am, I don't feel thankful!). Finding myself in the “not feeling thankful” spot this morning, I decided to write down all I have to be thankful for...and the list sure helped change the way I was feeling!

Folks, that four page list I made (that's still growing!) reminded me of the big and little reasons I have to be thankful. Specifically, I may have stepped in poop this morning, but I can thank God for my feet with which I can walk...and that my feet were in shoes! Moreover, my house may look like it's been burglarized...but it wasn't (thank You, Lord!)! Furthermore, my future may appear scary and messy right now—but My God has delivered me out of EVERY messy, out of EVERY scary, in EVERY instance (in His perfect way and time!)...for that I am so THANKFUL! And although I am a sinner, I have an all-sufficient Savior who OVERCOMES my corruptions, who DELIVERS me from their dominion, and who USES my failures for His glory (I am further refined to look more like His Son!)—THANK YOU LORD!

Brothers and sisters in Christ...

Let us come before Him with thanksgiving!” (Psalm 95:2)

Thank the Lord because He is just!” (Psalm 7:17)

Thank “the Lord for His (Good News) message!” (Acts 13:48)

Thank God for His Son—a gift too wonderful for words!” (2 Corinthians 9:15)

Always (thank) the Father, who has enabled you to share the inheritance that belongs to God's holy people...For He has rescued (you) from the one who rules in the kingdom of darkness, and He has brought (you) into the Kingdom of His dear Son. God has purchased (your) freedom with His blood and has forgiven all (your) sins!” (Colossians 1:12-14)

Thank God through Jesus Christ for each one” of our Believing family members! (Romans 1:8)

Always give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!” (Eph. 5:20)

Thank Him for all He has done!” (Philippians 4:6)

Heavenly Father, increasingly flood us Believers with the countless reasons we have to be thankful! “O Lord my God, I will give You thanks forever” (Psalm 30:12)! May our “lives overflow with thanksgiving for all He has done” (Colossians 2:7)!!!


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