Daily Devotion for November 21, 2016

'Jeremiah 10:10 NAS'

But the LORD is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King.

Jeremiah 10:10 was yesterday's memory verse for the preschoolers. It's a very short verse, but what ​a​ blessing it is when one reflects on it...

But the LORD is the true God...”
How amazing it is that we Believers personally know the one “true God”—that the only “true God” made Himself personally known to us Believers because He decided to seek us and woo us through His Spirit. This one and only “true God” is the One who proclaims about Himself, “The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth, who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin” (Exodus 34:6-7). He who made Himself known to us is “the God of truth” (Isiah 65:16). He gives us His true Word, “the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2;15, 3:16). Moreover, He provided “the way” for us to know Him—through His Son, Jesus Christ ( John 14:6). All those who believe His Son, those that “abide in (His true) Word,” those “are truly disciples of (His); and (they) shall know the truth, and the truth shall make (them) free” (John 8:31-32). Praise “the Lord...the true God!”

He is the living God”
Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we “know that (our) Redeemer LIVES” (Job 19:25)! Our “true God”​ ​is the LIVING “God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” (Matthew 22:32)! Not only is He “living,” but His Word is “living and and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12). Furthermore, our “living God” provided for us “the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16)! Through Him He gives us “living bread” and “living water” (John 4:10, 6:51)! “He who believes in (Jesus) shall live even if he dies—everyone who lives and believes in (Him) shall never die!” (John 11:25-26)! All praise to our “living God!”

the everlasting King.”
Our one “true God” is “KING forever and ever,” and He “sits as King forever” (Psalm 10:16, 29:10). Moreover, His Son, who was raised and is now “at His right hand in the heavenly places,” His SON​ ​is everlasting and “far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age, but also in the one to come” (Ephesians 1:20-21)! Furthermore, our King's “lovingkindness is everlasting” (Psalm 106:1), He is our “everlasting​ ​light” (Isaiah 60:20), and He gives us everlasting life through faith in His Son (John 3:16). Our King also has everlasting, “eternal purpose which He carried out in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Ephesians 3:11), and our “everlasting King” who is “with us is GREATER” than anyone and anything (2 Chronicles 32:7). “He is greater than ALL; and no one is able to snatch (us) out of the Father's hand” (John 10:29)! “We shall also reign with Him” (2 Timothy 2:12)! All praise to our “everlasting King!”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, reflect on the Jeremiah 10:10 today. May your reflection lead you to worship and praise “the true God...the living God and the everlasting King.”


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