Daily Devotion for June 27, 2017

'Psalm 87 NLT'

On the holy mountain stands the city founded by the Lord.
2 He loves the city of Jerusalem more than any other city in Israel.
3 O city of God, what glorious things are said of you! 
4 I will count Egypt and Babylon among those who know Me—
also Philistia and Tyre, and even distant Ethiopia.
They have all become citizens of Jerusalem!
5 Regarding Jerusalem it will be said, “Everyone enjoys the rights of citizenship there.”
And the Most High will personally bless this city.
6 When the Lord registers the nations, He will say, “They have all become citizens of Jerusalem!” 
7 The people will play flutes and sing, “The source of my life springs from Jerusalem!”

While reading my Bible this morning, I came across Psalm 87 and its future “Jerusalem” reminders. Bible teacher and former pastor Warren Wiersbe made these comments about this Psalm...

1) “the city founded by the Lord:” After the battle of the kings (Gen. 14:18), Abraham met Melchizedek, the king-priest of Salem (Jerusalem, “city of peace”), and Hebrews 7 informs us that Melchizedek is a type of Jesus Christ, our Priest-King in heaven. David chose Jerusalem for his capital city (2 Sam. 5:6-10), and the Lord validated that choice by putting His temple there. The nation of Israel was to be separate from the other nations both politically (Num. 23:9) and geographically. That is why God called Jerusalem “My city” (Isa. 45:13) and “the Holy City” (Isa. 48:252:1) and Zion “My holy mountain” (Isa. 11:956:757:13). It is “the joy of the whole earth … the city of the great King” (48:2). It is His foundation from which He has built His great work of redemption (Isa. 14:32). Moreover, “Salvation is of the Jews,” said Jesus (John 4:22); and were it not for Israel, the world would not have the knowledge of the true and living God, the inspired Scriptures, or the Savior. Jesus died and rose again outside the walls of Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit descended on the church meeting in Jerusalem on Pentecost, and it was from Jerusalem that the early Jewish believers scattered to carry the gospel to the nations. Truly, Jerusalem is a special city! It is “THE city founded by the Lord!”

2) He loves the city of Jerusalem more than any other city:” Jerusalem was not only the temple of the true God, but also the throne of David, and it would be the Davidic line that would give us the Savior, Jesus Christ. In the end times, Jerusalem will be a center of controversy and conflict, but the Lord will rescue His beloved city (Zech. 12:1–13:1).

3) O city of God, what glorious things are said of you:” The prophets have written some “glorious things” about the future Jerusalem, and the apostles have written even more glorious things about the heavenly Jerusalem (Revelation 21 & 22!)! Not only is our glorious Savior returning, but His holy city will descend “out of heaven from God” (21:10), where life will flow “from the throne of God and of the Lamb” (Revelation 22:1)!

4) “They have all become citizens of Jerusalem:” The Lord is described as a king taking a royal census and registering individual names, but the remarkable thing is that these people are (believing) Gentiles (you and me!), and that God is making them His own children and citizens of His Holy City! Even more, the nations named are the avowed enemies of the Jews! Through the preaching of the gospel today, this miracle is happening in His church (Eph. 2:11-22Gal. 3:26-29). The Old Testament prophets promised that believers from all the nations of the earth would be included in Messiah’s reign (Isa. 2:1-5Mic. 4:1-5Zech. 8:2314:16-20), and so did the psalmists (22:2746:1047:957:511; 98:2-399:2-3). “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14 nkjv).

5) “The source of my life springs from Jerusalem:” As citizens of Zion and the children of God, the Jews and Gentiles not only live together, but they also sing together and play musical instruments as they rejoice in God’s blessings. The word translated “fountains” or “springs” refers to “living water” and not water brought up from a well. All blessings, especially spiritual blessings, will flow from the Lord, who reigns in the City of David, just as today we draw upon the wealth found only in our exalted Lord (Rom. 2:49:2311:33Eph. 1:32:4-103:8Phil. 4:19Col. 1:27). 

Heavenly Father, we Believers cannot praise You enough for making us “citizens of Jerusalem” and for blessing us with the wonderful eternity we have with You! You are our source of joy and life and strength now...but what wonders we will experience when we live WITH You in the new “Jerusalem” forever! We “citizens of Jerusalem” ask that You help us keep our eyes focused on Your Son. Moreover, help us share the Good News so more enemies become Believers (through the work of Your Spirit). May our sharing and the Spirit's work enable many more to “become citizens of Jerusalem!” We ask this in Your Son's name as we look forward to spending eternity with You...


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