Daily Devotion for July 24, 2017

'I'm in the Lord's Army'

1 Chronicles 12:18a NLT
Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, the leader of the Thirty, and he said, “We are yours, David! We are on your side, son of Jesse!
As I was reading in 1 Chronicles this morning, I couldn't help but be impressed by all the warriors who joined David's army “while he was hiding from Saul,” the ruling king of Israel (1 Chronicles 12:1). They came for one purpose: to fight “beside David in battle”...
These men who came, they abandoned the one ruling the land (Saul). Some were “brave and experienced warriors from the tribe of Gad” (1 Chronicles 12:8), others defected from Saul's own tribe or “from the Israelite army and joined David” (12:2,19), and “day after day more men joined David until he had a great army, like the army of God” (12:22). The defecting men offered David their lives and their abilities because “they were all eager to see David become King instead of Saul, just as the Lord had promised” (12:23). These men were “brave warriors” (verse 25), they were “highly respected” (30), they “were designated by name to help David become king” (31), they “understood the signs of the times” (32), and they were “fully armed and prepared for battle and completely loyal to David” (33). Moreover, “All these men came in battle array...with the single purpose of making David the king over all Israel” (38). And others supporting David by bringing him “food on donkeys...vast supplies of flour, fig cakes, clusters of raisins” (40)...
Reading about all these warriors joining David's army kind of sparked my own inner “warrior!” That is, as the children's Sunday School song boldly so declares, I was reminded that “I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvary, shoot the artillery,” or “fly over the enemy,” but  I'm “in the Lord's army!” That means I (little me!) am to fight “beside (My Lord) in battle” each day!  Empowered by the mighty Holy Spirit, I am to daily come before my Lord, I am to daily abandon “self” and the enemy ruling the land, and I am to daily lay my life and abilities at the feet of the soon-to-return King! Moreover, I am to daily declare, I am “Yours,” Jesus! I am “on Your side, Son of” God! “Peace and prosperity be with You, and success to all who” stand with You, for You are the One who reigns, who brings Peace, who saves, and You are the the Victor in complete control!
Fellow Believers: are we equipped and ready today to fight “beside (our Lord) in battle?” Have we willingly abandoned “self” and the enemy so we can wholeheartedly serve our King? Are we brave because we KNOW who stands beside us—the One who “designated” us “by name?” Are we “highly respected” because we have chosen to live as set-apart children of God? Are we “fully armed and prepared for battle” through God's equipping Word and Spirit, “completely loyal to” our Savior? Do we we understand “the signs of the times”...that time is running out to share the Good News? Are we doing all we can to tell others about Jesus, so more lost people can declare Christ “the King over all?
Lord Jesus: We are Yours,” Savior! We are on your side, son of (God)!” You have called us by name! May Your Spirit increasingly reign in us so we daily live for one purpose: to serve You and fight “beside (You) in battle”...

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