Daily Devotion for October 17, 2016

'"False Thoughts" and Forgotten "Already's"'

1 Samuel 27:1a NAS
Then David said to himself, “Now I will perish one day by the hand of Saul...”

David, the soon-to-be king of Israel (the guy God said was a man after His own heart!), he said these words! Doubting the Lord's ability to sustain him, David said these words when King Saul was pursuing him, even though...
He had already been chosen and drawn close by the Lord,
He had already defeated the lion and the bear—through the Lord's enabling,
He had already been anointed as the next king by the prophet Samuel,
He had already been used by God (and enabled by Him) to slay Goliath,
He had already been reminded that the battle belongs to the Lord,
He had already been given (by God) a friend closer than a brother (King Saul's own son, Jonathan),
He had already become a famous and successful military leader, because God was giving him victories (etc., etc.,)...

Yes, David seemed to forget every “already” when he “said to himself, 'Now I will perish one day by the hand of Saul...' ”

Charles Spurgeon commented on these words spoken by David. He said, “David's heart at this time had a false thought” since his very history PROVED God would not forsake him! That is, David's past PROVED God constantly made a way! Looking back, David should have been encouraged even though he was going through a fire—because God had NEVER let him down! God had always defended David! God had always carried him! Unfortunately, the soon-to-be king forgot about every “already:” He doubted God's help, and he mistrusted his Lord without a cause...

Beloved of God, “is it not just in the same way that we doubt God's help?” When we have a “false thought” like David, “is it not mistrust without a cause?” Since God has already chosen and drawn us through faith in His Son, do we have any “reason to doubt our Father's goodness?” Hasn't “His lovingkindness (in saving us!) been marvelous? Has He once failed to justify our trust? Ah, NO! Our God has NOT left us at any time! We have had dark nights, but the star of love has shone forth amid the blackness! We have been in stern conflicts, but over our head He has held aloft the shield of our defense! We have gone through many trials, but never to our detriment, always to our advantage; and the conclusion from our past experience is” this: “He who has been with us in six troubles, will NOT forsake us in the seventh! What we have known of our faithful God...PROVES that He will keep us to the end!”

Lord Jesus, forgive us Believers for our every “false thought!” Forgive us when we are “so ungenerous as to doubt” every “already” of our great and merciful Lord! When we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death...You are WITH” us (Psalm 23:4)! You are “our God forever and ever, and (YOU) will be our guide until we die” (Psalm 48:14)! You “WILL keep us to the end!”

Holy Spirit: when our Lord's road for us seems to lead “through the sea...through mighty waters,”help us trust in His strength and in His way to get us through it. We know there is “a pathway no one knew was there” (Psalm 77:19)...He has already made the way, as He has done countless times before!


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